Enables advanced entity selection option.


  • Box selector: Enables the player to draw a UI box that selects all entities within the bounds of the box in the screen.
  • Selection Camera Follower: Actively follows a selected entity with the main camera with the option to allow for iterating through all selected entities for the camera follow.
  • Entity Selection Groups: Creating and assigning selected entities into a selection group, appending or subtracting from that group and selecting that group all by key combinations that can be defined directly through the inspector.


  • Find it in the Core installation of the RTS Engine or add the module to your assets, download it and import it into your project.


Version 2024.0.0 (current)

Released: 01/06/2024

Full Changelog


Released: 03/01/2022

A simple RTS demo game that showcases some of the features the RTS Engine has to offer.

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