Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the RTS Engine (or another asset) in the Unity Asset Store, how do I add it here?

When logged in, click on My Account and navigate to Redeem Unity Asset Store Asset, enter your invoice number that you received from the Unity Asset Store and click on Redeem Asset. In case of a valid invoice number, navigate to your account’s Downloads to download the asset.

Can I purchase one license of a product and use it for all my team members working on a project?

All assets in the store are licensed on a per seat basis and may not be shared or used concurrently on more than 2 different computers.
Only your team members that are working directly with the Unity editor require to have a separate license each. For example, if you have an artist that is creating art outside the Unity editor and that does not engage with the Unity editor at all and consequently does not engage with the products offered in this store, then they do not require an individual license.

When is the next offer, sale or discount?

Please do not use the support channels to ask for sales, offers or discounts. Sales will always be announced publicly to everyone. Asking for a special discount or offer through the support channel will lead to closing the support request with no response.