Includes components that listen subscribe to the RTS Engine events and draws the UI accordingly to the actions the local player is executing.


  • Handles different menus: win, lose, pause and freeze menus.
  • Handles pausing the game.
  • Handles drawing hover health bars on top of entities.
  • Handles displaying the peace time at the beginning of a game.
  • Handles drawing tasks on the task panel as well as pending tasks.
  • Handles drawing and displaying information for one or multiple selected entities.
  • Handles displaying error messages to the player.
  • Handles the UI tooltip.
  • Handles drawing the map resources and their count.


  • Find it in the Core installation of the RTS Engine or add the module to your assets, download it and import it into your project.


Version 2024.0.0 (current)

Released: 01/06/2024

Full Changelog


Released: 03/01/2022

A simple RTS demo game that showcases some of the features the RTS Engine has to offer.

Module-Specific Demos:


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