This module is an integration of the Fog Of War asset on the Asset Store.


  • Enables using fog of war on unit and building entities for both single player and multiplayer modes.
  • Selection is only enabled for entities that are visible.
  • Minimap icons are only for the entities in areas visible by the local player.
  • Building placement can only occur within visible areas by the local player (for the player’s local faction).
  • More limitations on entity to entity interactions when it comes to different visibility statuses.


  • Import the RTS Engine (or back up your project if you already have it imported).
  • Import the Fog Of War asset from the Asset Store into your project.
  • Add the module to your assets, download it and import it into your project.


Version 2024.0.0 (current)

Released: 01/06/2024

Full Changelog


Released: 03/01/2022


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