Using Mirror Networking, this module allows to setup multiplayer lobbies and games with the RTS Engine.


  • Online and LAN multiplayer support.
  • Start a multiplayer server in headless mode to setup an authoritative server.
  • Multiplayer lobbies where a host has authority to pick the map, game configurations and kick other clients.
  • Syncing the game state via lockstep where only inputs from the players are sent to the server, processed and then returned back to the clients in the same order leading to less bandwidth usage.
  • Handle cases such as clients lagging behind in their local simulation or clients timing out.
  • Option to dynamically update the lockstep duration to fit the low or high network latency of the clients in a game.
  • Support for NPC factions in multiplayer games.


  • Import the RTS Engine (or back up your project if you already have it imported).
  • Download Mirror Networking and import it into your project.
  • Add the module to your assets, download it and import it into your project.


Version 2024.0.0 (current)

Released: 01/06/2024

Full Changelog


Released: 03/01/2022

A simple RTS demo game that showcases some of the features the RTS Engine has to offer.

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