More than one transform in Unit Attack/Weapons tab

the ability to have more than 1 transform in the unit attack weapons tab, scenario: archer by default has bow in left hand, then switches to sword in right hand, but could also have a shield appear on the left hand, and maybe the bow appears to this back, or another case, if you have ever seen soldiers switching from rifle, to pistol the rifle drops on a sling, and then maybe holsters the pistol to use a knife, then back to the rifle to reload, without any weapon disappearing from view

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2 thoughts on “More than one transform in Unit Attack/Weapons tab

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    joshbos44 2nd March 2022 , 9:51 pm

    I have also wanted this in the past and had to manually code it so my extra objects would appear. But would be really nice if there was just a list that you could populate with all the objects you want to show.

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    OussamaBouanani 12th March 2022 , 11:13 am

    Thank you for suggestion!

    This is going to be added in 2022.0.1 in the form of an array field called “Toggable Objects” that is accessible in the Attack Weapon tab.

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