Missions System Module

A module that allows you to create scenarios where each scenario has the following properties:

– A scenario can be assigned to a map scene and launched by a map scene.
– A scenario has a series of interconnected goals where each goal has success conditions and failure conditions. The player starts with an initial goal and upon completion of the success conditions, the next goal or set of goals is unlocked until reaching and completing the final goal to complete the entire scenario. Triggering a failure condition of any of the goals during the scenario triggers the failure of the scenario.
– A scenario is represented using a scriptable object that is directly editable through a node based editor that allows to define goals, connections between goals and failure/success conditions of each goal.
– A rich set of pre-defined conditions will be made available that can be used for success/failure conditions. A custom condition that you can determine its completion through code would also be available.
– Simple overridable UI handling of displaying the current goal(s) and the success and failure conditions.
– Simple scene that allows to load scenarios with map scenes.

The goal from this module is to allow you to create a campaign mode for your RTS game.

  • Author : OussamaBouanani

4 thoughts on “Missions System Module

  • Author’s gravatar
    Russell 18th March 2022 , 10:00 pm

    This would be a great addition to a great Unity Asset!!

  • Author’s gravatar
    sean.kula 20th March 2022 , 6:25 pm

    Yes and if they made hero units with abilities that would help make the missions better

  • Author’s gravatar
    Do 16th June 2022 , 9:22 am

    goody idea

  • Author’s gravatar
    Dean 19th June 2023 , 12:29 pm

    An excellent feature that seemed to be in there a couple of years ago. After watching this video, it should the campaign mode at around 11 minutes. I wonder why it was removed?


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