Mobile Controls Module

Add touch screen controls for camera movement, unit selection, unit movement, launching tasks and more.

Please post the types of mobile controls that you wish to have in the RTS Engine. The goal is to provide different options for these controls.

  • Author : OussamaBouanani

9 thoughts on “Mobile Controls Module

  • Author’s gravatar
    Russell 18th March 2022 , 10:01 pm

    Yes!!!!! Please !!!!!!!!! Need mobile controls !!!!

  • Author’s gravatar
    benolney23 21st March 2022 , 9:29 pm

    Really really need this! So important for my game I am launching soon. Hopefully not as hard to implement quickly unlike the other modules.

  • Author’s gravatar
    tim tan 26th March 2022 , 3:40 pm

    yes, mobile,,must.

  • Author’s gravatar
    david.le360 30th March 2022 , 10:06 am

    Oh Yes, please. I would even say more mobile then desktop: peoples spend more time on mobile then desktop in today and future.

  • Author’s gravatar
    Dev Hub 16th April 2022 , 11:00 pm

    Need comfy mobile controls

  • Author’s gravatar
    Eduard 20th June 2022 , 11:30 am

    Need mobile controls

  • Author’s gravatar
    Alex 11th August 2022 , 7:07 pm

    Please add mobile controls

  • Author’s gravatar
    Lucas 22nd January 2023 , 9:02 pm

    movile control!! ♥

  • Author’s gravatar
    ahmet 15th April 2023 , 11:50 pm

    please mobile

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