Tech Tree Module

A module that builds upon the current upgrades system to allow you to create tech trees using a node based editor and handle unlocking elements of the tech tree using a component that can be attached to units, buildings or a standalone component accessible through independent UI elements.
The module would offer basic overridable UI elements that draw the tech tree in the game.

  • Author : OussamaBouanani

7 thoughts on “Tech Tree Module

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    Russell 18th March 2022 , 10:01 pm

    This would be very helpful!!

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    xmonster0 4th April 2022 , 6:20 pm

    so could it be setup so that a chosen resource buys the upgrades? or an experience system or both? and could this system have persistence so it could be used in a single player campaign? this all sounds interesting!

  • Author’s gravatar
    Sean Kula 22nd April 2022 , 11:28 pm

    Dude yeah exp system kind of like Warcraft 3.

  • Author’s gravatar
    Bo Monroe 2nd May 2022 , 12:55 pm

    I would find this useful!

  • Author’s gravatar
    Fred Tyre 9th May 2022 , 7:34 pm

    I like this one the most. Almost all of the modules listed help me out in one way or another. The turn-based option might widen RTS Engine’s user base, though. It could be marketed as just a strategy game engine.

  • Author’s gravatar
    Gatskop 19th May 2022 , 5:11 am

    Yes, please

  • Author’s gravatar
    adrien.vandambosse 5th August 2022 , 7:05 pm

    Yeah good idea 🙂

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