Advanced Building Placement Module

– Adds a walls system where you can hold down and drag wall elements to create constructable walls and where walls can be turned into gates that can be opened/closed.
– Grid-based building placement.
– Builder-less building placement component where units are not required to place a building.
– Auto-construction component for buildings.

  • Author : OussamaBouanani

One thought on “Advanced Building Placement Module

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    Denver Nova 14th April 2022 , 9:13 pm

    -I would love to see this include ramps and stairs for allowing units to climb onto the walls, Battle for Middle Earth 1 style, so that archers can shoot from above.
    -Would also like to have the ability to attach guard towers, catapults/ballista, and other defenses directly onto the walls and/or support clicking on a section of the wall and converting it to said defenses.
    -Support for triggerable defenses such as boiling oil, rolling logs, baskets of stone, that can be triggered either manually or automatically when an enemy unit passes underneath would be amazing as well.

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