Unit Squads Module
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A module that allows to control a group of units as a single squad with following features:
– Launch movement and attack commands on a whole unit squad.
– Handle individual unit and squad health.
– Features existing in RTS games that do not rely on micro-managing individual units but rather whole unit squads.

  • Author : OussamaBouanani

3 thoughts on “Unit Squads Module

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    Lastonestanding28 18th April 2022 , 6:13 pm

    Would love this The game I am wanting to make would have Squads. So I would love this!!!

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    vasiliyvg777 1st November 2022 , 1:57 pm

    Squads is an absolutely must have module.

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    mathias_vanhecke 5th May 2024 , 8:33 pm

    +1 for this one

    Here are the features I would expect in this module:
    – Unified movement and orders orders
    – Individual and collective health bars
    – Auto-healing mechanics (where units slowly regenerate health and replenish units in the squad when not in combat or near a healing structure/unit)
    – Change formations based on tactical needs, such as moving in a tight formation for defense or spreading out to cover more area.
    – Units automatically take advantage of terrain features for defensive bonuses or concealment.
    – Linking of squads to act as a larger unit with combined capabilities (ex. melee in front, ranged in back)
    – Squad’s effectiveness can be influenced by morale
    – Squads gain experience as they survive and participate in battles. Higher experience levels could unlock abilities or statistical improvements
    – Squads can have special abilities that can be activated during battles, such as a temporary boost in speed or attack power.
    – Handle the movement of multiple squads so they don’t clump together or push each other around.

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